Brief Profile of Appointed, Reshuffled Cabinet Ministers

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  1. Sheferaw Shegute Wolasa, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources. Born in Haroressa of Arsi Zone. Married. Education: BA in accounting, MA in Organizational Leadership. Experience: Served in various government institutions at various levels for 27 years, as Deputy Chief Administrator of SNNPR and later Chief Administrator of the regional state, Minister of Education, Executive Committee member of EPRDF, Head of the Center for the Building of Democratic System at the Office of Prime Minister with rank of Minister and now.


  1. Siraj Fagessa SherefaMinister of Transport. Born in Silte Zone. Married. He obtained BSc in forestry, MA in Organizational Management and Security Affairs. He also served as Minister of Pastoral Affairs, EPRDF Executive Committee member, Deputy Chairman of SPDM and later on Minister of Defense.


  1. Hirut Woldemariam,Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. Born in Gojam. Married. Education: She studied BA, MA and PhD in Linguistics. She served as a lecturer at Addis Ababa University for many years and also worked as researcher in the Ethiopian Languages Academy.


  1. Ambassador Teshome Toga,Minister of Government Development Enterprises. Born in Wolayita Sodo. Married. Education: BSc in Statistics, MA in International Governance and Development Policy. He served as Ambassador of Ethiopia to Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, France, Belgium and EU; and also as Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports.


  1. Omer Hussien Ouba,Customs and Revenue Authority Director-General with rank of Minister. Born in Arsi. Married. BA in Economics, MA in Business Administration. He served as head of Arsi Zone  Finance and Revenues Bureau, Head of Oromia Finance and Economic Development Bureau, Head of Oromia Urban Development Bureau. EPRDF Executive Committee member, and later on Deputy Chief Administrator of Oromia Regional State.



  1. Ouba Mohammed HussienMinister of Communications and Information Technology. Born in Addis Ababa. Married. Her educational background includes LLB in law, MA in Public Administration. Served as member of Somali Regional Council, Head of Justice and Investment bureaus in the region. She also served as Women and Children Affairs State Minister and Commissioner for Women and Children’s Affair in the Office of Human Rights Commission.



  1. Ambachew Mekonnen, Minister of Industry. Born in South Gondar. Married. Education: BA in Economics, MA in Public Policy, Economics, and International Finance and Economic Development, and PhD in Economics. He served as Director of Amhara Public Service Institute, Director of Amhara Rehabilitation and Development, Commerce and Industry Bureau Head with the rank Deputy Regional Administrator, Head of Industry and Urban Development Regional Bureau, and finally Minister of Construction. He is member of EPRDF Executive Commitee.


  1. Motuma Mekassa,Minister of Defense. Born in Gendeberet. Married. Education: BSc and MSc in Statistics. Served as bureaus head in Oromia Regional State, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, Head of Oromia Water, Mines and Energy Bureau. He is EPRDF Council member and member of OPDO Central Committee. Minister of Mines, Energy and Natural Resources.


  1. 9. Fozia Amin AliyeMinister of Culture and Tourisim. Born in West Harerge. Married. Education: LLB in Law, MA in Organizational Leadership and currently working on her PhD in Peace and Security. Worked as Oromia Anti-corruption Commissioner. Head of Women’s Affairs Bureau of Western Harerge, and Secretary-General of Office of the Ombudsman. OPDO Central Committee member.


  1. Ahmed Shede. Government Communications Affairs Office Head with the rank of Minister. Born in Negelle Borena. Married. Holds BA in Economics, MA in Business Administration and International Business, and another degree in Public Participation. Served as Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau Head of Somali Regional State, Civil Service Reform Bureau Head, Somali Region Investment Bureau Head, and later State Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation. He is Central Committee Member of Somali People’s Democratic Party. He was Minister of Transport to date.


  1. Jantirar Yigzaw AbayMinister of Urban Development and Housing. Born in Wollo. Married. Education: BSc in Urban Planning, MSc in Architecture and Urban Designing and Development. He served as North Wollo Zone Deputy Administrator, Head of Urban Works and Development and Deputy Head of Amhara Bureau of Industry and Urban Development, Head of Amhara Road Transport. Head of Amhara Road and Transport Bureau  to date.


  1. Melese Alemu Erboro,Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas . Born in Hadiya. Married. Holds LLB in Law, MA in Development and Good Governance. Served as Administrator of Hadiya Zone. SNNPRS Anti-corruption Commissioner. Deputy Chief Administrator of SNNPR. EPRDF Executive Committee member.


  1. Brehanu Tsegay Abera,Attorney General. Born in Becho. Married. Holds LLB, MA in Change Management Administration and PhD in Law. Served as Head of Oromia Justice Bureau, Deputy Head of Oromia Justice Bureau, Head of Oromia Construction Bureau, State Minister of Justice. He is OPDO Executive Committee member.


  1. Yalem Tsegay Asfaw,Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs. Born in Dogea Tembien Agere Selam. Married. Received BSc in Public Health. Served as Deputy Head of Tigray Health Bureau, Tigray BoLSA Head, and Chief Administrator of Eastern Zone of Tigray.


  1. Melaku Alebel Addis, Minister of Trade. Born in Amhara Gondar. Married. Education: BSc in Plant Science, MA in Business Administration. Served as Deputy Head of Amhara Region Industry and Urban Development Bureau, Deputy Head of Trade and Transport Bureau, Amhara Investment Commissioner.


  1. Amir Aman, Minister of Health. Born in Bahir Dar. Married. Education: first degree in Health Science, MSc in Public Health Care. Served as Planning, Policy and Finance Head at the Ministry of Health, Medical Director at Limu Genet Hospital in Oromia. State Minister of Health to date.



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