Whatsap and viber blocked in Ethiopia again. Featured

Written by  Published in Governance Saturday, 09 September 2017 20:00
As the Ethiopian new year approaches, the government has disabled VOIP calling ( whatsapp, viber and messenger etc). 
Reports in social media indicate that popular social media plat form, whatsap and viber blocked in Ethiopia starting today.
Users are seemingly unable to access v in the capital Addis Ababa. Chances are that users in other towns outside of Addis Ababa are likely not to have access to it as well.
Viber, long distance free call application is also blocked as per social media news update from Ethiopia.
pretext given to social media blockade is the protest in different parts of the country. 
In an effort to bypass whatsap and viber blockade, users in Ethiopia are using proxy servers to login to their social media account. Opera browser is said to be helpful as well.
Ethiopia is one of the African countries with least number of internet users. Only an estimated 1 % of the population which is about a million people has access to internet.

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