Ethiopians die while the hospital hides dialysis machine

Written by  Staff Writer Published in Governance Thursday, 14 April 2016 22:45

Hospital in Addis AbabaEthiopians die while the hospital hides dialysis machine in the store for 15 years. It was a big woo when one of the government affiliate radio station uncover the dialysis machine bought and forgotten in one of the oldest public hospital Dagimawi Mililik.


The kidney treatment machine was bought 15 years ago, according to the officials of the hospital. However, the hospital have no idea if the machine is in its own store while thousands of Kidney patients are dying in the hospital bed. The machine was found during the inventory.


According to the latest WHO data published in May 2014 Kidney disease deaths in Ethiopia reached 7,528 or 1.25% of total deaths. The age adjusted death rate is 15.28 per 100,000 of population ranks Ethiopia 77th in the world. There are only 9 nephrologists in Ethiopia for a total of 90 million people! There is not much out there about the extent of kidney disease in Ethiopia.

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