No, Legitimate political power neither comes from God nor from Gun, but the people.

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Any religious or political teaching that claims political power either comes from God or grows out of the barrel of a gun are erroneous and heretic teaching and belief.

No one should obey and recognize anyone who claims political authority either through God or gun. There is no religious or moral basis that supports such narratives except the illegal and demonic power of fear and violence that these groups might exercise on their helpless subject.

Legitimate political power neither comes from God nor from the barrel of Gun through violence but from the will of the people through periodic elections of their duly appointed representatives to advance and protect their common interests.

In Ethiopia, the 1974 revolution ended the monarchical narrative that claims political power as emanating from God through some fictitious form of divine anointing bestowed on a particular person who claims either the title of a king or a queen.

In 2018, the #OromoProtests and the #AmharaResistance must end the narrative that claims political power as emanating from the power of gun by ending the TPLF rule of fear, violence, and extortion through the power of the gun. (Note: As a Marxist organization, TPLF intrinsically believes that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun; and nothing else. There are many other Ethiopian organizations who hold similar narratives.)

Moving forward, the Ethiopian people must permanently reject all groups, entities, and individuals who want to claim political power either through God or Gun.

In one’s own country, political power is the power of the people to periodically elect their duly appointed representatives on a contractual basis to represent only the interests of the people who elected them not their own individual interests for the duration of the terms of their office unless recalled for failing to represent the interests of the people.

The Ethiopian people must take back their country by taking back their political power from the TPLF with the determination not to give it back to any particular organized group from now on. Political power and the country belongs to the people, not to any one particular group or groups.

Berhanemeskel Abebe Segni


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